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Holiday washable papertowel sets 12 packs

Holiday washable papertowel sets 12 packs

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Use these as napkin sets for the holidays or simply hand towels. Use them as hanker chiefs or everyday use paperless towels!


What an easy way to keep your septic healthy, body healthy, wallet heathly and the environment healthy. It takes tons of water to make paperproducts and don't forget the other carbon impacts from electric, gas, waste, emissions, transport, workers etc that you could contribute a positivily to.


They come in a set of 3 curated themed tones and designs.


These are made from soft flannel fabric.


All of JAX products are made with sustainable materials. We use upcycled sweaters and clothing to make your cherished lasting soft accessories. Hats, fingerless gloves, legwarmers, buff-danas, scarves are made with love, locals and a green thought. We believe in "SAVING THE WORLD WITH UGLY SWEATERS" -JAX One product at a time! We use high quality fabrics, sergers and people in our local community to make our goods.

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