And why it is so harmful.

Fashion has a huge impact on people and the planet. Contributing to our polar caps melting and global warming, Fast fashion comes in at 3rd for pollution causes on the Planet.

Fast Fashion is growing... FAST. The most successful fast fashion brands use influencers and other ploys to push trend driven items at ridiculously low prices, all while producing new clothing collections as often as every two weeks. Yikes. That all comes at a huge cost to the lives of the workers who make the clothes, as well as the environment.

This is atrocious and can only be helped by lessoning the demand!

Here at Jax we pay by article finished and it amounts to $15-30/hr

We as consumers have the control. Shop less. Shop small. Shop recycled. Shop slow.

What is the point? Older styles from decades before come into fashion on a cycle... why not buy the older clothes rather than the cheap knock off that falls apart and rips when you just look at it wrong? Shop Thrited

This is ridiculous. We need to change that perspective.

You know where to find us... but do you know there are other ways to shop slow?

-Thrift Shopp'n

-Yard Sale'n

-Clothing Swapp'n

-Hand me down'n

-Other slow brands with high quality wears

-Wait. Think. Then Shop

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