Why go Papertowel free?

Why go Papertowel free?

Well right here we have some of the experts top reasons just for you.....

  • Using paper towels means supporting factories that cause pollution from their production and transportation to your water, air and environment!
  • Using paper towels is linked to killing "virgin" trees and deforestation.
  • Using paper towels bring unwanted chemicals into our homes from the process of which they are made.
  • Using paper towels does not support recycling efforts, they do not recycle well and the pulp is so broken down after use they cling to other recyclables making it impossible to sort out later and they all get trashed!!!
  • There is no reason to use paper towels
  • Americans have adopted lazy efforts that their grandparents would never have thought twice about. Reusing was just fine for Grams and Gramps.

More reasons to Ditch the Paper

-Using Washable items instead of single use gets you in the mindset of reusing and saving the planet in other ways.

-Eco Friendly living is a lifestyle not a FAD. It is a choice to slow down and use your body, mind and consciousness to care for your fellow generations and Mother Earth.

-Single use items we throw away has not only made things easier but it has made us lazier. Don't fall for lazy, harmful and complacent. Fall in love with reusing!

-These items are also aesthetically pleasing and they have been linked to boosted moods and gratitude for the things you keep in your home.

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