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Light weight Mustard stripes large slouch scarf onesize

Light weight Mustard stripes large slouch scarf onesize

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This Large square scarf is a Fall version of the silk fashion scarf.


Cozy light weight sweater material makes a nice drape and keeps you warm plus fashionable!


This Scarf design is based off a silk Fashion shawl.


We make these Scarves with recycled silks and light weight material for all season wearing.


They are super cute and light weight and come in many color pallets. Fold the square in half into a triangle and wear in front as a fashion scarf or around your shoulders as a shawl. Use as a blanket or head dress and more.


approximately 48" x 48" square


Each item is made using a pattern, although keep in mind each hat may vary just slightly due to the handmade and upcycled nature of the product.



We are a family company making hats since 2007 in both Missoula Montana and Bend Oregon.


All of JAX products are made with sustainable materials. We use upcycled sweaters and clothing to make your cherished lasting soft accessories. Hats, fingerless gloves, legwarmers, buff-danas, scarves and more are made with love, locals and a green thought.


We use high quality second hand fabrics, sergers and people in our local community to make our goods.


Wash with cold and lay flat to dry or fluff for best results. Can be washed in warm and dried if no wool present.


We thank you for being part of the solution!


Recycle, Reduce, Reuse


"Saving the World with Ugly sweaters" much love -JAX

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