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Pick your color JAX Slouchie Beanie

Pick your color JAX Slouchie Beanie

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This option is here if you can't find what you are looking for just pick a color and we will send you a photo of what we have in our back stock in that color pallet. Let's get you in the slouchie you want!


These handmade upcycled JAX Slouches keep your head warm and you looking good! 

Using recycled sweaters these popular beanies are exactly what everyone needs for fashion and for function. These are trending and highly desired by our fans.


There is a pre slouch tuck in the back keeping the hat slouched permanently for less fuss. The label is on the left brow so you know where to place it! One size usually fits all. They have stretch like a normal beanie.

As these are made out of recycled sweaters the textures and material may vary slightly, which is one of the cool things about upcycled!

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