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Sun and Moon washable Papertowel 12 pack

Sun and Moon washable Papertowel 12 pack

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Eco Friendly papertowel alternative. Roll them on a roll/dispenser, keep them in a drawer or even right on the counter top!

We use our snuggle soft towels for spills, as napkins, even as tissue paper. Wash and repeat. Use the different colors for different uses. As they get older I use them as a refill for my floor wet jet.

Made from snuggle flannel, made to last, wash and rewash thousands of times! 

Just toss as an add on to any laundry load. Place in a mesh bag to keep them separate and from sticking to clothes.

Our brand is making an effort with your help to save the World. Making upcycled or reusable products!

The main fabric will be the same but depending on avaliablility the other two fabrics might change slightly. 

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